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Day Sitting

Whether you require a brief 2-hour sit or a comprehensive full day service, We've got it handled. Our day sitting service is unique, offering engaging activities as part of the package. Moreover, I can provide additional training if needed.

*Treats of exceptional quality and entertaining toys are incorporated into the cost of the service. Please ensure to schedule your service at least a week in advance. A special training session during the sit can be arranged for a nominal additional charge. For detailed pricing, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rather than a standard Meet and Greet, we find it beneficial to conduct a few forDog sessions with your dog prior to sitting. The number of these sessions will depend on your dog's specific behavior. For most, 1-2  sessions are typically adequate.

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Less Than 6 Hours


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6 - 12 Hours


Sitting, Drop-ins, Walks: Services


Need to step out for a little bit, or is your dog independent and I just need to drop in?  Drop-in sessions are limited to food refill, water refill, potty break, and play session.

Prior consultation and/or forDog sessions are required.

Puppy Drinking

30 Minute Drop-In


Sitting, Drop-ins, Walks: Services


Your traditional no-frills walk.

*Your current training protocol can be added for a fee.

Prior consultation is required: $100 for in-person consultation.

Dog Walker



Walking with Dogs



Sitting, Drop-ins, Walks: Services
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