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Happily Enriched

Satisfy your dog's physical, emotional, and mental needs for a contented life.

Out of Town Notice

I will be temporarily unavailable from 1/14/24 to 1/23/24. Responses to emails will resume promptly upon my return. Rest assured, for current clients, I will be providing alternative arrangements to ensure the proper care of your pets during my absence. Thank you.

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Canine Enrichment

What is it?

Canine enrichment is a holistic approach to enhancing the lives of our furry companions by providing them with a diverse range of stimulating experiences, activities, and environments that cater to their unique needs and natural instincts. It encompasses mental, physical, and sensory stimulation, aiming to engage their senses, challenge their minds, and promote their overall well-being.

Why it's important?

Canine enrichment plays a vital role in a dog's life as it goes beyond basic care and addresses their emotional and cognitive needs. By incorporating various forms of enrichment, such as puzzle toys, interactive games, socialization, and physical exercise, we can provide dogs with the mental and physical engagement they require for a fulfilled and balanced life.

Enrichment activities help prevent boredom, which can lead to undesirable behaviors like excessive chewing, digging, or barking. They provide an outlet for natural instincts, such as foraging, problem-solving, and social interaction, which contribute to a dog's mental and emotional development.

In addition, canine enrichment helps reduce stress and anxiety, especially for dogs that may spend extended periods alone or in confined spaces. It promotes relaxation, boosts confidence, and strengthens the bond between dogs and their human companions.

By incorporating regular enrichment into a dog's routine, we actively contribute to their overall happiness, reduce the risk of behavioral issues, and foster a healthier and more harmonious relationship with our four-legged friends.


As a Fear-Free Certified Professional, we uphold a philosophy that these enriching activities should be enjoyable and devoid of stress, fear, or anxiety. Our curated activities focus on your dog's well-being, enabling them to explore, learn, and grow in a safe and positive environment.

Ethical Approach

We uphold a commitment to providing services that prioritize positive and humane methods of dog training.  As such, we reserve the right to decline services to individuals who employ aversive training techniques.  Our aim is to ensure the well-being and welfare of all dogs under our care.

We're not just enriching their lives - amplifying their overall health and happiness, creating an improved quality of life that all dogs deserve.

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Why I started Happily Enriched?

As a dog owner, finding time to create fun, enriching activities for your pet can be challenging. That's the problem I wanted to solve when I started Happily Enriched. I carefully select the best toys and activities, record what your dog has already used, and consistently add exciting new items to your collection. All to save you time and ensure your furry friend stays engaged and happy. The cherry on top? Everything is delivered to your doorstep, ready for your dog to enjoy.

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Arm carrying a pile of boxes and packages

Prepare, Deliver, Swap

Hand-preparing, delivering, and exchanging your dog's activities - weekly or bi-weekly, your choice.

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forDog Sessions

I personally visit to play and engage with your dog, meeting their physical and mental needs.

Dog Walk

forDoggyParents Sessions

These are your typical private sessions. I'm here to help you teach your dog new tricks, build an agility course in your backyard, guide them through scent work, and much more.

Dogs with Dog Walker

Sitting, Drop-in, and Walks

Planning a getaway or simply craving some alone time? I've got you covered with personalized sitting and drop-in services.

An open planner with a pen

Enrichment Program Planning

I'll help create a tailored enrichment plan that fits smoothly into your daily routine.

Three dogs being walked on leash

and More.

Unique needs? Let's collaborate to create a custom plan just for you and your pet.

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The Team

Who We Are


Jeff In

Enrichment Coach



Chief Toy Tester


Dali Kikin


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The Birth of a Passion

Embarking on the journey of becoming a dog parent in 2020 ignited a profound passion within me for working with animals. As I sought the best life for my beloved pup, Frida, a miniature schnauzer, I discovered the transformative potential of enrichment and desensitizing/counterconditioning. Now, I am dedicated to sharing this invaluable gift with fellow dog parents.

The Story of Frida

Frida, the pup who entered my life, faced her own challenges with increasing fearfulness. To address her reactivity, I delved into the world of enrichment. The progress we made together was nothing short of remarkable. Witnessing the positive impact of enrichment on Frida's well-being inspired me to extend this gift to other dog parents and their furry companions.

Commitment to Learning

Education is the cornerstone of my practice. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of canine behavior, staying at the forefront of advancements in the field. In 2022, I successfully completed BehaviorWorks course, Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) lead by Dr. Susan Friedman. Moreover, as a certified Fear-Free Professional, I prioritize your dog's emotional well-being above all else, never subjecting them to fear, anxiety, or stress.

Certifications and Expertise

I am proud to hold the CDTK certification from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, earned in June 2023. Additionally, I have obtained the Professional Pet Care Certification (March 2023) and the Canine Enrichment Technician Certification (April 2023) from DogNostics, solidifying my expertise in the realms of pet sitting, dog daycare, and dog walking. This diverse experience enriches my understanding and enhances the quality of care and training I provide.

Collaboration and Growth

I am privileged to work alongside an exceptional reward-based trainer, Nancy Le, at In Tune Dog Training in San Jose. Under her mentorship, I am continuously honing my skills and expanding my horizons in the world of dog training.

Dali Kikin: A Cherished Companion

In 2022, I welcomed Dali into my life, a black and silver miniature Schnauzer. Dali became an integral part of my journey in dog training education at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. Little did I know that Dali would provide me with the quintessential puppy experience I had longed for. Nowadays, Dali effortlessly joins me during my strolls with clients, becoming an invaluable addition to our walks, particularly for those more timid furry friends. His gentle and friendly nature has a remarkable effect, boosting the confidence of pups who may be on the shyer side. Dali's presence creates a harmonious environment, making every walk a delightful and enriching experience for both the dogs and myself.

Let's Connect!

Take the first step towards enriching and satisfying your dog's life. Reach out to me today, and together, we will embark on this wonderful journey of canine enrichment. Let's create a life of joy and fulfillment for your beloved companion!

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