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forDog Sessions

Unleash a world of fun and learning for your dog with our bespoke forDog Sessions. I take care of all the planning, dropping in for 40-minute sessions packed with stimulating mental and physical activities designed to engage and tire your dog.

  • Diverse Activities: From scent work and food puzzles to games of tug or fetch and even 'sniffaris', our sessions are varied and exciting.

  • Fully Included: The cost of each session includes transportation and all materials used, meaning there are no hidden extras for you to worry about.

  • Nutritious Rewards: All sessions also include high-value treats and food, providing rewarding and delicious incentives for your dog.

With endless possibilities for fun and development, our forDog Sessions offer a holistic approach to canine engagement.

welsh corgi pembroke with a sniffing mat.jpg

Single Session


French bulldogs playing with a flirtpole outside on the grass.jpg

5-Pack of Sessions


Colorful scene as the coonhound dog is engaged in scent work activity foraging through the

10-Pack of Sessions


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