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forDoggyParent Sessions

Consider forDoggyParent sessions as straightforward one-on-one private lessons. You'll receive hands-on coaching and guidance, along with assistance in shopping and setup. Each forDoggyParent session lasts an hour.

These sessions may include:

  • Scent work: I'll help you with both setup and training, regardless if it's for fun or competition.

  • Backyard Agility: From course construction to coaching your dog through various challenges, I'm here to help.

  • Trick Training: Together, we'll master new tricks, and you might even earn some titles along the way!

Unlike forDog sessions, forDoggyParent sessions are tailored towards you, the pet parent. Our goal is to help pet parents create a stronger bond with their dogs through these fun and enriching activities.

Prior consultation is required.

Border Collie jumping through the hoop at NZDAC Gore New Zealand_edited.jpg

Single Session


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